Samstag, 10. September 2011

Until the end

Hey you. Yes, you!
Can you see the little girl next to the light where the stars are singing and performing?
She doesn't wear clothes by Prada, Gucci, Burberry or Louis Vuitton.
Her face is full of pimples and impurities.
She looks bored, however, focused.
Make-up? She doesn't know this word.
She's natural.
But all she knows is how the show works.
There aren't just five people for this event.
More than hundred work for one star.
The girl checked the light for the show.
No one is interested in her.
She thinks that nobody like her.
She's just a girl of thousands.
An unnormal human, she said to herself.
Her self-confidence is under zero.
But behind her facade lurks a beautiful, clever girl.
Do you'll ever go to her and talk with her?
Do you?
I think you wouldn't.
No one would.
I not, you not, no one.
She turns around.
A big smile in her face. She is happy. From one moment in the other.
I look to you.
You smile, too. You smile, she smiles.
Now I must count it together.
„No one will ever talk with her?“ you ask me.
My mouth is open.
„I will. In every second and I will kiss her, I'll make her happy.“
A little smile in my face.
Prince charming. Yes, for her you are.
I remember of the time in my past.
It was perfect.
Why everything is away?
It wasn't my fault. It was yours.
You're not here. I'm alone, at this stage.
My turn. This song mean everything.

And now I'm asking myself: „Where is my prince charming?“

You're the best human in the whole world.

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